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The Oulun yliopisto tutkii database contains up-to-date information on the internal experts of the University and their activities.

In addition to publications recorded by the researchers by self library also collects publication data directly from reference databases.

You need University of Oulu staff user account to log in.

Help desk: oy.tutkii(at)

Submitting publication information
1. First check whether your publication already exists in the Oy tutkii database. 2. Submit missing publication information using the Jurita form. Publication information will be entered into the database in the library. Alternatively, you can enter the missing information yourself.

Changing Researcher Introduction

Kamula, Riitta-Liisa

TkT, ympäristötekniikka

Thule Institute
0294 483566
riitta.kamula (at)

Language skill: English, Finnish, German, Swedish
Fields of expertise / English : fishways hydraulics and design,german,hydraulic scale model studies,lake and river restoration,water power and water course regulation
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Updated : 10.03.2016
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